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Masterclass in Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) Exploration and Production Rights and Agreements

18th July 2022 - 20th July 2022

PSC training

Why Choose this Training Course

This is a 3-day PSC training course. Participants in this course will gain valuable insights into the operations of the Oil and Gas Industry and the use of Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) in Exploration and Production stages of the Oil and Gas Industry. The life blood of the industry is to be found in the Oil and Gas contracts and forms the basis upon which the industry operates.  Getting these contracts right is essential for the smooth running of a project.

The PSC training course provides the essential a framework within which to understand the rights and obligations of both the host country and operators.  It covers the main legal principles involved in licencing, production sharing contracts and provides a full understanding of the legal basis for these contracts.

Managing of risks in these contracts and the drafting of the essential contracts to manage this risk is imperative to ensure a successful project. The course will give participants the fundamental knowledge of the essential risk management features in these contracts. Participants will get to understand investor and host country protection and how best to achieve this.

This PSC training will have many opportunities for interactive discussions and review of case studies.  Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of oil and gas contracts as used in the Asia Pacific region and around the world in the oil and gas sector.

Who Should Attend

This PSC training course is appropriate to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Legal managers, legal counsel
  • Commercial and Business managers
  • Contracts administrators, and managers
  • Commercial, financial and insurance professionals
  • Project and General Management

Key Learning Objectives

  • Comprehensively understand the legal principles of production Sharing Contracts and other upstream oil and gas contracts
  • Know the main features of PSC and how to manage the risk within these contracts
  • Knowing the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks that underpin the industry
  • Be familiar with the use of appropriate contractual clauses in the PSC
  • Understanding the financial and fiscal aspects of production rights
  • Understand the drafting and best dispute resolution methods and how to apply it.
  • Understanding the use of stabilisation clauses in the PSC

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