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Masterclass in Strategic E-Procurement

6th December 2021 - 9th December 2021

About this Training Course

Effective procurement is nowadays even more fundamental to the success of an organisation. On average, organisations spend fifty percent of their income on buying the goods and services that they need to be successful – and in some sectors this can thiscan exceed eighty percent. It is imperative that this expenditure is managed and controlled effectively. Procurement is increasingly being viewed as a strategic function within organisations, with the CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) having a seat on the board. Proactive, professional procurement has become a well-respected value-adding function within the organisation and has achieved the recognition it deserves in delivering business a real competitive edge in the market.

Digital solutions hold great promise to improve yet further the effectiveness of procurement and there is already a well-developed, but rapidly changing market for e-procurement (electronic procurement) solutions. This intensive and highly interactive 3-day Masterclass provides delegates with the skills and expertise required to navigate around the complex world of e-procurement and enables them to create real value for their organisations via the use of e-procurement tools.

The Masterclass is facilitated by leading practitioners in the field andtakes a tour through the whole procurement lifecycle, showing how e-procurement solutions and tools can be used to great effect at each stage. Topics covered include spend analysis, e-RFx, e-auctions, contract management, supplier management and the P2P process. In addition, the fascinating world of digital marketplaces is explored and their potential to dominate the buying scene (as they are increasingly doing in the consumer space) is considered. The current market for e-procurement solutions is analysed and the Masterclass ends by considering the future of procurement in an increasingly digital world.

In addition to a detailed exploration of the world of e-procurement, the Masterclass includesseveral demonstrations of available solutions and the chance to participate in an e-auction.

Questioning is encouraged and there will be plenty of discussion allowing participants to share their own experiences, thoughts and ideas. Each delegate will receive full course notes and a set of templates and other materials that they can take back to use in their own organisation.

Who Should Attend

  • Procurement Directors / Procurement Managers
  • Buyers / Senior Buyers
  • Contract Managers
  • Supplier Managers
  • Supply Chain Directors / Supply Chain Managers
  • Business Owners / Executive Directors / Managing Directors / General Managers
  • Operations Directors /Operations Managers
  • Finance Directors / Finance Managers
  • Project Directors / Project Managers /Project Engineers
  • Legal staff

* PLUS anyone else who is interested in understanding the power of e-procurement and how it can be used in their organisation to save money, create value and reduce risk.

Key Learning Objectives

By attending this Masterclass you will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Understand what e-procurement is all about and what benefits it can deliver
  • Understand what types of e-procurement tools are available in the market today
  • Apply the various e-procurement tools to the different parts of the procurement lifecycl
  • Harness the power of e-procurement and the digital supply chain to generate additional value for your organisation
  • Use e-tools to enhance the sourcing process through the use of e-RFx and e-auctions
  • Understand when to use e-auctions and when not to use them
  • Use e-tools to enhance the contract management process through the use of contract authoring, smart contracts and live contracts
  • Use e-tools to enhance the supplier management process through the use of supplier management, performance management and risk management tools
  • Use e-tools to automate your purchase order to pay process (P2P), significantly streamlining the handling of requisitions and orders, and allowing invoices to be automatically be matched and paid
  • Understand and harness the power of digital marketplaces
  • Select the right e-tools for your organisation – the ones that can deliver real value
  • Appreciate what the future might bring and how this might affect e-procurement – RPA (robotic process automation), AI (artificial intelligence), advanced analytics, blockchain…
  • Ensure that your organisation is ready to capitalise on these exciting developments

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