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World-Class Service Level Agreements Best Practices

7th December 2015


A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a document spelling out the terms under which a service is to be supplied or provided. The SLA defines agreed levels of service, such as availability and extent of provision, together with measures to be taken when service levels aren’t being met, and any penalties that might apply in this case. By guaranteeing certain levels of service and defining the roles to be played by both parties to the contract, an SLA helps to define the relationship between customer and supplier. It is to ensure that you have something to fall back on, if a supplier fails to provide services, maintenance, or support. An SLA document sets out all the services to be provided within a supply contract, how reliable they should be, and what measures should be taken, in the event of failures or unanticipated circumstances. It clearly defines the requirements and duties of both client and provider – so neither party can claim they didn’t know what it contains. Deviation from the agreed terms is grounds for legal action.

Benefits of Attending

Define fully the services contracted and how reliable or available the supplier has to be:

  • Establish the yardsticks the service levels is to be measured against and assessed
  • Clarify actions that should be taken to sustain the agreed upon level of service and what are the remedial actions that can be taken should levels fall below thresholds
  • Describe any penalties that apply, if service levels aren’t met – and the conditions under which these penalties become valid
  • Track key performance indicators, and measurements that can be used in the absence of data
  • Build your competitive advantage with a clearly words and binding SLA

Who Should Attend

This course is relevant for professionals who are involved in SLA, including but not limited to:

  • Procurement Managers/ Executives
  • Contract Managers/ Executives
  • Business Account Managers/ Executives
  • Finance Managers/ Executives
  • IT Managers/ Executives
  • Service Delivery Managers/ Executives
  • Outsourcing / Technical Support Directors & Managers
  • Service Purchasing / Procurement / Supplier or Vendor
  • Directors & Managers
  • Business Process / Business Development Directors &
  • Managers
  • Legal Directors & Managers
  • Technical Support / Customer Support Managers
  • Project / Planning Directors & Managers

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